MesoGold 20



MESOGOLD Micro-needling the skin regenerates naturally through physical stimulation , enhancing the absorption of effective ingredients through micro-holes of skin.


Spiral Groove microneedling system that can be personalized with any kind of combined serum infusion.


Easy, safe, effective and painless procedure improving the skin health with 24K gold plated micro-needles which are thinner than human hair(0.13mm)

Love Your Skin:

Plumped, brighter skin, softened lines, and even a reduction in acne scarring.

  • MESOGOLD micro-needles are thinner than hair (<130 µm or 0.133 mm

  • No pain and convenient

  • None allergic due to its platinum 24K gold plated needles

  • Excellent effectiveness of prompt absorption with rich-nutrient ingredients


Botox facial:


1 treatment $499

3 treatments $1200

4 treatments $ 1400


Filler Facial:


Same as Botox facial 


For both filler and facial botox:


1 treatment of both : $799

4 treatments: $1,600


Light Eyes:


1 treatment $299

4 treatments $999


Lip treatment with filler serum:


1 treatment: $299

4 treatments: $899

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