What is MesoGold Botox and What Are the Benefits?

Do you want plump and brighter skin? How about softened lines or a reduction in acne scarring? If so, try MesoGold Botox. With MesoGold Botox, the skin quality of your face, and other areas that are exposed by the sun, like the neck and hands, can drastically improve. 


How Does it Work?

Micro-needling the skin regenerates naturally through physical stimulation , enhancing the absorption of effective ingredients through micro-holes of skin. The Spiral Groove microneedling system can be personalized with any kind of combined serum infusion according to your clients needs. The results is a plumpness and an immediate natural looking effect for your skin. 


What Are The Benefits?

Since the 24K gold-plated microneedles are thinner than human hair, one of the benefits is that it offers a painless procedure that improves skin health. Patients can feel relaxed while seeing real results. Plus it is completely safe and effective with prompt absorption with rich-nutrient ingredients


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