Regenerative 24h care cream with phyto stem cell complex. Rich care provides long-lasting results and sun protection. Apple Stem Cells activate skin’s own stem cells and promote longevity and strength. Hyaluronic Acid optimizes skin’s moisture reserves. Coenzyme Q10 and Squalane strengthen and protect the skin against damaging environmental influences.



  • Improves and increases skin‘s moisture volume
  • Protects and stimulates skin‘s own stem cells
  • Builds up, strengthens and firms
  • Regenerates and strengthens skin‘s natural barrier function
  • Gives skin with a soft feel
  • Shields the skin from environmental influences
  • Stabilizes skin‘s fat-moisture balance
  • Regenerates and vitalizes skin
  • Strengthens skin‘s hydro-lipid barrier
  • Provides UV protection

Alex Cosmetic Stem Cell Repair Cream


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