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Certificate in Laser Treatment

We are offering a comprehensive 3-day basic intensive course into laser technician. With hands on training and theory understanding on how to become a laser technician in the fast growing industry.  You will be taught by certified professionals with years of experience and knowledge in the field.  


Participants will dive into the fundamental principles of laser technology as applied to aesthetic treatments for skin and hair.  You will explore the different types of lasers used in dermatology and aesthetic practices. You will gain an in-depth understanding of laser procedures for hair removal, tattoo removal, pigmented lesion treatment, vascular lesion treatment, and skin rejuvenation. You will learn about treatment parameters, selecting appropriate lasers for different skin conditions, and the importance of pre- and post-treatment care. Through hands-on practice, participants will develop skills in operating laser devices, adjusting treatment parameters, and ensuring patient comfort and safety.


The 3-day course will include an understanding on how-to start your own laser service business with all the requirements explained and what-to-expect when initiating your own successful business, which most schools and/or course settings don't offer.  It will also properly guide you the employment direction you need after the course to prepare you to seek job opportunities in the industry.  Once you receive your certificate, you will be offered  a few days of mentorship at any of our locations AT NO EXTRA COST to experience actual client relations and proper application of the services.  


Our classes are very intimate with only a handful of students per course sessions to provide students the proper time in understanding the theory and especially the hands on practices.

RATE : $1499
Weekdays & Weekends Available
Private One On One Courses Available Upon Request


As part of the course, you will also learn the BUSINESS of starting your own Laser Clinic.  

* Requirements needed

* Information on Laser Vendors and where to reach out

*  Costs of Laser Units and steps in financing

*  Business Plans to start a Laser Clinic

*  Other services that can be offered

*  Marketing your services

* Building your clientele

* 2nd BONUS *

MENTORSHIP -  After your three (3) day course, you will have the opportunity and option to mentor a professional and certified Medical Aesthetician in one of our locations (Etobicoke and/or Oakville) and practice what you've learned, under the supervision and guidance of our Technicians.  

Register for our Laser Technician Course

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